amc - day 3

amc - day 3
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tough day to say the least.

throw downs began on the first climb and i just tried to maintain a steady heart rate. tricky thing with elevation is that once you blow up, it takes a lot longer time to ride through it then it at a course lower then 7k feet.

i get in a group, make up some ground. repeat for the next 45'ish or so miles.

on the last climb, i somewhat crack probably due to lack of calories. at that point, i was within a minute of pulling back a group of 4 or so riders.

and to top off the final climb, my front wheel washes out leaving me some nasty cuts to bring back home.

next up - 2 laps of 24 miles with tons of climbing and then pack up the bikes and off to the airport.

sologoat out

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