amc - day 4

just a quickie - need to catch a flight.

pace started a little easier and then picked up on the course that they will be using for nationals.

on the most technical section of the course, i burped my front tire. i'll spare the details, but i got it fixed and lost at least 20 minutes or so.

after that, i started picking off riders again and ended up riding the tech section on the second lap pretty conservatively since i was out of c02's, my pump was no longer in pocket, i left my saddle bag open and lost my multi tool and i gave my only tube to a stranded rider.

ended up in the top 20 or so for the day, think i finished overall 15th or 16th.

sologoat out


Metro said...

Nice dude. I didn’t realize that it was already time for this race. I’m curious to know (after you’re home and rested) if you’ll be going back next year? Rather is it worth the trip?


Melissa said...

Its always nice to see cyclists helping each other out! Great job on your finish, considering all your mishaps!

I just randomly came across your blog, and found it very interesting :)

I dont know if you've heard of the webtv series The Bicyclist, but its about Cyclists in Portland and I think (if you have time to watch) you might enjoy it and have a laugh or two. www.thebicyclist.tv

Keep up the good work! :)