A Punchup at a Wedding

Radiohead- Blossom
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is no fun - but monday's radiohead concert at blossom was awesome.

now - time for a few more recovery rides and the prep for the next adventure.

next post coming up - since i've been getting a ton of questions about it, and it seemed to be a topic of conversation for many a passer by at my pits last weekend, i'll do a quick write up on the thule cargo trailer.

with that - back to work, pick up a cold sixer and a ride. TGIF.

sologoat out

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Jason said...

Radiohead must have rocked. That's some nice recovery. Anxious to see the trailer too. Beats driving an SUV around. Did you notice any gas difference? Oh well I'll wait for your post on it. Congrats on the 4th place. Stacked field.