how long to grow to a toenail

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the "experiment" continues.

first, start by smashing your big toe off a rock about 19 hours in a 24 hour race (big bear).

then, proceed to loose your toenail completely about a week after.

then start the countdown of how long does it take to grow a toenail. it's take waaaaaaay longer then i ever thought. jeez.

for you cross nuts out there, nationals registration goes on-line tonight at midnight central time. i would like to personally kick the person who thought this up. seriously - why couldn't it wait 12 hours until most people are actually awake?

looks like the same type of schedule going on - thursday non-championship race, then friday starts the real deal.

my masters race would be saturday, elite race is on sunday. thinking ahead and may have my dad drive down with the thule trailer with bikes in tow.

stay tuned - got a trip coming up.

sologoat out


Metro said...

Hey man are you heading back for another round of 24/Moab this year?

EXPO Racing said...

I smashed my big one two years back at 24-9. Nail finally fell off two weeks later.

I waited close to two months before I was able to trim the newbie.