cross and some vegas

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sunday was the first stop in the cleveland cross series and the first race since the payson 24 hour. typically, legs take a race or two to get the speed back in them.

quickly found myself in a small group with mike, paul and shawn. we quickly made a gap and my rear tire slowly went down. with two laps to go, should of switched the bikes out, but i stuck it out on the moots. 4th place.

next week, i think there is a local race in cleveland area - the following week i'll be hitting up the cinci 3 day cross extravaganza UCI event.

redline cross bike now complete - rides really nice (soon will see a write on the 'goat blog) but is super stiff. a little too stiff for me on the sunday course - especially when you got a moots cross to soak up the bumps.

and don't forget to checkout the speedgoat blog - tons of vegas write ups are now getting posted.

sologoat out

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Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Nice race Ernie. I got some photos of you through the sand. here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/22787467@N02/sets/72157607602473063/

See you next week at Leroy.