interbike ernesto update

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whew - one day whirlwind at interbike.

first up - roughly 30 pics up so far, about another 100 to go up in the next 12 hours or so. vegas internet connection is going wacky.

crossvegas - legs were dead, did not race. thanks to the salsa boyz for offering up one of their show bikes. i've actually been dying to ride one, but the legs were burning too much.

congrats to nat ross - now a mountain bike hall of fame inductee.

sponsors - little too early to nail everything down, but tifosi and princeton tec are 100% back, and also picked up a new frame/bike and helmet sponsor within the first hour of being at interbike. needless to say, something i was sweating about for months was resolved in minutes, all thanks to the speedgoat crew -- again.

for more blog entries, check out the speedgoat blog as chris takes apart all the new releases - like the king bottom bracket and the new parlee with the super cool paint. sweetness.

sologoat out.

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