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ah, good legs last night - got a gap opened up and was cruising, but it was not to be - got a flat. had a spare bike, but i feared the skinny tires would leave me either crashing my brains out or flatting again.

probably a good thing - was supposed to be a rest week. rest is not something to do in a cross race.

enduro season winding down, cross season starting up.

really doesn't do too much to my overall training plan - in general, i don't stray too much from my normal until all my enduro type of events are over.

at that point, i switch over to shorter type rides (maybe a max of 4 hours or so) - but i kick up the intensity about 10 notches. last year i learned that any of the bigger cross events you either go 150% or nothing. it's a crit race on dirt - elbows are gonna fly, tempers will flare, lungs will be coughed out and you will be doing two wheeled slides through the corners.

and that is just the first lap.

i actually look forward to it - i see it as a nice change up on training, racing, venues, race vibe, equipment..

in the spirit of randomness, had a question in regards to what i eat in a typical day... it specifically asked about calories, but i'll let you guys do that calculation...

oatmeal with blueberries and a bannana, glass of OJ. by the end of the day, i've usually finished off a pot of freshly ground starbucks coffee.

typically either a subway 6 inch turkey sub with a coke and 3 choclate chip cookies - or - (the option my wife prefers) a big fresh made salad with veggies and some tuna.

pre-ride snack:
usually a bannana with some crunchy peanut butter

typically 1 or 2 bottles of heed, maybe 1 or two gels. typically go kind of low on calories on the bike. i pretty much stick with the hammer nutrition recomended doses on the heed/gels/etc - but i go on the lower side of calories. i'm running around 135-140 pounds and find that if i go with recomendations for 150 pound rider, it's a little too much for me.

couple pieces of fish and some veggies is typical - maybe once a week, a big steak and veggies.

that's about it - don't really snack too much at all any more. if i do, it's usually something boring like some soy nut mix or some fruit.

chips, pop tarts and an occasional can of coke makes it in the mix - but that's typically on the weekend.

other junk food (potatoe chips, nutty bars, etc) used to be common for me to eat. now i don't buy them at all - it's a little bit easier to avoid the temptation to eat bad things if you don't have them around. helps to keep off the extra weight too.

bad food favorites - anything with choclate in it (reese's cups are my favorite) and anything cold and refreshing (a good brew, an ice cold coca cola, and sometimes choclate milk)

that's it - gotta get some peanut butter m&m's

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

In your younger days (AKA before going all pro on us and getting married) how many nutty bars could you eat in a day?

~ MG

Bill said...

After a long workout I pour 2 or 3 servings of milk with a few ice cubes and some Hershey's liquid chocolate in a blender, sometimes fruit too, mix till I smell wires burning, then drink. Nice recovery drink and thirst quenching.

Solo Goat said...

nutty bars - i was eating 3 of them a day, usually right along with a glass of coke. first one was right when i woke up.