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it's a sad wednesday - spin city wednesday night cross series has come to an abrupt end after one race. they are working on a new venue, if i hear any news i'll post it ASAP.

redline cross is now built up, just got to adjust the saddle up a little and she's ready to roll.

TRP - damn, i wish i had these brakes last year. they took everything that is wrong with spooky's and made it 100% better. spooky's are still nice for light build ups, but the TRP's have way better ease of setting the brake itself up (and actually come with both regular and carbon pads!) and have a super nice hanger and hanger cable.

hanger itself looks like the old school avid hangers, only beefier... and the hanger cable comes with these nice little bolts that connect down at the end of the brake - the one end that holds the cable end on the hanger cable actually is drilled out a little bit so the head on the cable is hidden. just a little detail that i think is a nice touch.

build up came in pretty light (no actual weight) even running full scale skinny 29er tires. (this was going to be my secret weapon setup at the spin series due to the rocks all over).

few more enduro's, then a full on cross season - will be hitting up some of the bigger events with shawn on his new carbon cross rig that qualifies as hella cool.

vegas coming too - should be pretty sweet, still looking like probably no crossvegas for me unless a miracle cross bike appearance makes itself to me when i am out there.

gotta run - actually will be riding single track tomorrow down in the colombus area. nice.

sologoat out


Anonymous said...


Is the Redline a substitute for your 2 Moots cross bikes? What's the situation?

Have fun with the rest of the enduro season and cross. I've found a new hobby to tide me over while my ankle heals - I'm racing nitro powered radio controlled trucks. I know, it's geeky, but I gotta race SOMETHING, right?

Seeya next year,


JAH said...

I second the above comment: Where are the Psychlo-X?

What 29er tires are you running?



Solo Goat said...

redline was supposed to be a commuter bike for me, and was going to be the bike i was going to ride at crossvegas.

wanted something that could run a double ring, wide tires and i wouldn't get freaked out about putting in a bike box.

tires - they are nano raptors.

actually have seen some riders like dj birch run them tubeless on their single speed rigs on some of the non-rocky courses we have done.

John said...

ALWAYS thinking about 'cross!

How bout giving over on more TRP details... Are you running EuroX? What about toe-in adjustment? They look a lot like the spookies, but a better cable hanger is a big step.

Nat Ross said...

Solo Goat

See you in AZ! Looks like we both can enjoy the beers at cross vegas this year out of our skinsuits!