friday rambling

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not mucho going on this week, other then catching up on work and posting some blog entries up on the speedgoat blog. gots to check it out, should be about 2 or 3 new postings daily until we run out of pics and stuff to post about the whole vegas thing.

and, the sponsorship proposals should be going out soon - vegas and payson left me a little behind this year. most are not due until later in the month, so i'm good to go.

speedgoat bicycles will continue on with their support into the 2009 season - a few of my 2008 sponsors have already confirmed for next year so thanks out to them as i won't have to get a whole proposal and resume together. saves me a ton of time.

this weekend, laying somewhat low and local - heading up to the stark vello cross race this sunday, then next week the cinci 3 day uci weekend. and, one more enduro.

with that, gotta work. check out the speedgoat blog for some cross bike posts and another one on the trp canti's.

sologoat out


JAH said...

Nice work. What bars are you running?

Solo Goat said...

salsa bell lap


have one pair oversized, the other is 26.0. actually prefer the 26.0 as they have a little more give to them.

Shawn said...

Glad to see you're still rocking the biking world. I might have to dust off my bike and fall off the cliff at Chipewa in memorance of you and Smith.