3 in cinci

leroy township cross 01
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the chase for uci points officially starts today at 5:00:01pm today as i head down to cinci with shawn and a buddy.

bikes are tuned up, ready to roll - even got the superlight carbon cross wheels cleaned up and looking hella sweet.

not sure on course layouts, but all the UCI's tend to be all out in the open, super fast, and you are almost 100% certain of catching a few elbows in the first few corners.

with that, gotta roll - need to get in some work before i head out.

sologoat out


Jamie said...

Bummer Luck, Cool Photo

Anonymous said...

Hey Goat, where was the cyclocross at in Leroy Twp? That is my neck of the woods and in your photo I see the Perry Nuke Plant in the background. So where did you guys race?