parting is such sweet sorrow

national mountain bike oktoberfest is the next and final stop in my enduro adventures for the year and it's shaping up to be a tough race. nat, tinker, jeremiah and others are all coming down so i am sure it's going to be everything but a slow race.

also in question is the weather - possible rain and mid 50 temps could be the dish we are served come noon on saturday.

also, this will be the last endurance race that my main bikes will Asylums. I've been racing on them for so many years now that it's going to seem odd to be not racing them anymore. with so many of my bikes, i tend to obsess about them a lot - how they are setup, what parts we are running, etc, etc. seems almost as if i am loosing a best friend.

but - things are a changing.

new bike sponsor is already lined up and is in the works as we now switch focus to 2009 and important things like what color the frame will be and how light we can build it up.

just want to give a huge thanks to all my sponsors and all the people who have helped me along the way. couldn't of done it without you.

sologoat out.


Chris said...

Is the bike or frame for sale?

Solo Goat said...

probably not... will post update to blog if that changes..

Shawn T. said...

saw that Moots YBB in the pit...sick bike!!!
Is that the new "sponsor"

Solo Goat said...

nope - just getting the details all worked out on the new bike sponsor..

not jinkxing anything yet... but it's a 29er...