cross my heart

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next up - spin city cross my heart in my neck of the woods. missed this one last year, so it's good to stay home and support the local series.

rest of the year, i'm net set in stone in regards to cross schedule other then state and national championships. trying to hit up a few other uci's - right now debating toronto and some out east.

one more enduro coming up, then that's it until 2009 as far as endurance goes.

congrats goes out to the toastman for taking maob - looking forward to that write up as i was hearing stories of 30-40mph sustained winds throughout most of the event, with gusts up to 70mph. i don't which one would of got of me - either being blown off of the course or the mental fatigue from that constant wind. jeez, that would drive somebody nutz.

with that - gotta run and contemplate tire selection and pressure for tomorrow.

sologoat out

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