2nd at stark velo cross

made the trip north today to the stark velo cross. as i glanced at paul martin and shawn at the line i knew this was going to be a pain train for an hour.

gun went off, immediately we were all in a group. shawn was pulling.

i put in a brief attack and it shed a few guys, then shawn went again. paul was reeling us back in and i was wondering when he would pounce.

paul threw down and the group broke up. i chased, got a few seconds behind him with three to go and had to back off a little as i was on my limit.

two laps to go, i held my own and the gap didn't get any bigger. i was going to make my last effort on the 2nd half of the last lap where the mud and ditch crossings favored my mountain bike skillz.

i closed the gap to about 3 seconds before we got to the flat section before the finish and that's when paul kicked in his after burners and pulled out the win with me about 4-5 seconds behind him. shawn would finish out 3rd on the day.

next slice of pain coming up - the cinci 3 day UCI cross weekend.

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

Nice... http://www.flickr.com/photos/solo_goat/2889964706/in/set-72157607508105810/

Solo Goat said...

was drinking an arizona micro brew from the sedona area. can't remember the brewer name...