2 down

quick recap - first day, back row start, about 60 riders.

finished out about 20th on the day - no points, but got back my entry fee as they pay back 25 spots.

yesterday - same spot, more riders. thought i would have a good start, but some dork crashes and i am on my back about 5 seconds into the race. very frustrating.

thought about stopping and saving it for today, but i thought i could get in the top 25 due to attrition. got from 60th to about 30th.

that's it - gotta roll. 1 more to go.

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

I looked at the pictures/site that a person gave you in the 10-10 blog comments- and thought that was you in the pile up! Glad you are ok!

Good luck today!


Anonymous said...

Hey Goat, where was the cyclocross at in Leroy Twp? That is my neck of the woods and in your photo I see the Perry Nuke Plant in the background. So where did you guys race?