cleveland cross final

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not mucho to say here, going into the final race, the battle was up for the overall.

for me to tie for the win with paul, basically both shawn and paul would not both have to not show with how the points worked out. with probably only a few good races in me left, i decided to go safe and stay upright as my 3rd place was basically already ensured at the start line.

stuck it out for the first laps, but the 2.0 tires on my salsa were no match to the speed of the cross bikes. ended up on the day way back, but finished out 3rd overall in the series.

1. paul
2. shawn
3. ernesto
4. tony
5. brett

with it's 10 year under it's belt, congrat go out to bike authority and team lake effect for putting on the series. first race ever 10 years back had a total of 9 riders - they had a race this year that had over 200. awesome.

with no work having to be done to my cross bikes, i am ready to roll out on thursday with trailer in tow, hauling out 4 bikes, 2 extra wheelsets and a bunch of other stuff i probably won't need but will take anyway.

and thanks go to my man shawn who let me borrow his dugast tubulars...

sologoat out

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Steve Schwarz said...

Congrats on the series. Smart move going with the MTB. Just looking at those skinny tires on snow makes me fear for my ankle.