murrysville cross

heading out to the state where i started racing, it was good to be seeing some old friends, but not good. temps in the mid 30's and a cold steady light rain was going to make things hellish.

small field, but things got strung out pretty quickly. mike, steve-o, joe, gerry, andy and myself soon gapped the field in super sloppy conditions.

steve-o and joe cheked out pretty quick, and i got in a group with andy, gerry and we slowly brought back mike. that's when all hell broke loose.

rain started coming in heavily and the course gradually got worse. on the backside of the course, i took a spectacular header over the double barriers allowing gerry and andy to catch back up and mike to make a gap into a big gap. my hands drenched in mud and water, they would soon start to freeze.

bars turned, hands going numb, i get back up to gerry and andy. gerry powers through for 4th, i come in 5th and andy comes in 6th (after winning the earlier masters race).

hands stinging in pain, it was a good race to get through. these are the types of races that make you savor the days when it's 80 degrees and sunny and makes you tougher in the later hours of an enduro when nothing seems to be going right.

as the saying goes, that which does not kill you only makes you stronger.

sologoat out

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