cross on my mind

this time next week, the adventure of cross nationals begins as my dad and i journey out to kansas so i can attempt to cough my lungs out - twice.

check out the preview - and imagine it covered with snow with 30 degree temps.

could be worse - you could NOT be there.

sologoat out


Gerry and Andy said...

OR,,,it could be like last year with two inches of snow covering two inches of ice and mud with 20 degree temps. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the 10+" deep water pit that we had to ride through on each lap that was created by all the water being used to clean the bikes in the pits.
Anyway, I am thinking that this Sunday should be a good preview of what we could face.
Man, isn't cross great!
Later - Gerry

Shawn T. said...

Got to visit Pivot Cycles last week. Cool bikes...they are excited about next season. ;)


Solo Goat said...

no doubt cross nats is going to be epic no matter what. hearing rumors that it is going to be in portland next year.

can't wait to get the pivots - great to continue riding on a chris c frame.