odd weekend

in the sense that i don't really have anything that i am specifically training for - probably the first weekend i can say that since... about this time last year.

so it's my offtime for the year - two weeks of riding without looking at the calendar or without a specific workout. and, it's also two weeks of getting house stuff done as after january 1, i probably won't have the time.

mas o menos for 2009 - need to contemplate that and the rest of the goals for the year.

in my holiday gift search, i did pick something up for myself - the Park Tool RK-41 Portable Race/Ride Kit.

there's a few options out there for tool sets, but for traveling and going out to races, this seems like the best tool/tool case option out there.

that's it - time to drink some java, put away cross bikes, and plan out 2009.

sologoat out

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Jeff Kerkove said...

Here is a good one....
60 mile is full, but there are spots open in the 80 miler.