cross nationals - friday

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arrived into town today around 2'ish, right before gerry and andy got in.

was able to do about 7'ish laps - conditions at time of riding was tacky mud. kind of stuff you can ride real fast, hold off the brakes and let the tacky mud act as brakes. nothing too crazy, wide open stuff.

will say though, the preview i posted last week is a bit deceptive - there is a lot more going "up" then you would think and the layout is not exactly as it was in the preview.

but, overall the vibe is positive, the course is good and i think everybody is pumped up about racing.

first race up tomorrow - masters. then sunday, the big show is on. it's a racers race - people screaming, lungs burning and it's the last race of the year. hells ya.

sologoat out


Dan the man said...

Give it hell Ernesto.

Steve Schwarz said...

Shouldn't Dan the man be there handing out bottles and wrenching on the bikes, instead of sitting in a warm building surfing the web?