turkey day week


been nice to actually get out this week on the road as the trainer was starting to drive me nutty already.

next up, murrysville cross this sunday - looking to be a pretty fast race already, lots of schwag and some of the speedgoat crew are coming out to rally on the speedgoat troops through the 1 hour battle.

knee is coming around, it's still a little tender so i haven't been doing any major efforts on it all week. 4 more races, then that's it for 2008 - 2009 will not be that far away.

2009 schedule is still all tentative, hoping to get to the majority of them by car as to some cashola on shipping bikes/etc. bikes will be rolling in soon, along with a slightly re-vamped 'ernesto/speedgoat kit'. the speedgoat crew loved the colors of my kits, so most of the team/shop guys will be rolling in green kits next year.

that's it, going to sneak in a ride, eat some turkey, drink some brews, try to find a wii on-line and relax. i don't get too many days like this.

rock out - sologoat

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