state cross champs

i'll keep it brief as i am pretty bummed out about it...

first laps went well, just as i was catching onto the main group i got chopped and taken down. levers turned, i got back trying to salvage what i could.

3 or 4 laps later, i wash myself out super hard whacking my right knee about as hard as one possibly could right into my bars - so hard i nearly puked right there. barely able to limp off the course, i laid down for about 4 minutes before i could actually stand on it.

i bagged it at that point - was so far back that i wasn't going to catch on and with nationals a few weeks out it seemed kind of silly to keep pedaling just to finish and then end up doing more damage then good.

card ended up taking the win - he looked super strong. gerry came in 4th after winning his masters race earlier in the day.

so today i am taking the day off and trying to keep off the knee.

next up - freddie fu/speedgoat cross race this sunday in the 'burgh.

sologoat out


samlikesbikes said...

bummer dude. Hope the knee feels better.

My name is Stephen said...

Sorry to hear about the knee, rest up!!

Ray Huang said...

RICE baby!! Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevate. but really it should just be BEER and another beer and another beer...... But seriously, banging my knee has been a weekly occurrence. Wrapping and icing my knee has been the most helpful for me. but I aint no doctor......

Good luck at nats!