everything in its right place

listening to a live radiohead broadcast on the trainer yesterday and this song came up and kind of sums up the year.

everything in its right place - phrase alone sums up what you need to do to get through your season, your racing goals, etc, etc.

with the end of the year coming up, few more races coming up...

ohio state cross - coming up this weekend and i am obsessing about parts, setup, etc, etc. should get a good start position as they are doing call ups for the cleveland series.

murrsyville cross - put on by speedgoat sponsored freddie fu team. should be a good showing of speedgoat sponsored riders near the 'burgh. (go steelers!)

cleveland cross - last of the series race, at boughton farm. this course has somehow cursed me into having bad races. this time i am hoping to get that monkey off my back. should wrap up the overall in at least the top 3.

cross nats - masters and the elite race. in the masters race, i am ligning up in the 3rd row, right on the outside. about 150 guys are behind me. that should be good.

elite - about 150 are going to be in front of me. i registered early, but will be behind everybody who has points. will be a crap shoot, hopefully make up some spots quickly before it gets too strung out. fighting to stay on the lead lap will be a challenge. by far probably the race i most look forward to all year. pain, screaming fans, fun course...

should be loads of fun at cross nats - and i will be heading out with my dad and it's his first time ever seeing the spectacle.

sologoat out

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