2009 sologoat frame is..

the pivot 429 will be the frames i will be riding next year - colors, parts, etc are not 150% nailed down at this point, but will more then likely be similar to years past.

thanks to jim at speedgoat and chris at pivot - without sponsors like these guys, working and racing full time would be an impossibility.

thanks for keeping me rolling in 2009.

sologoat out


João said...

Great news,
Congratulations, I can't wait to see your pictures. This weekend I grabed one is an exibition here in Portugal and I have to say thats a very light bike!
All the best for you and your crew.!

JAH said...

Looks as though I was correct with Pivot! Although, I expected an SL version that was a bit less in weight. We shall see...


" jah said...
I am guessing that new frame will be a Pivot, although I doubt that it will be the standard 429. Just a hunch..."

Kyle said...

do you want to test drive the product i'm making?


Danielle said...

Congrats! I've heard mucho good things about those frames!