speedgoat one two

a speedgoat one two went down at broadview today, gerry took first, i rolled in second.

condtions were cruddy - 33 degrees, snow blowing around, wetness and mud all around.

gun went off and 5 guys were duking it out for first place by the backside of the course - gerry, myself, tony, zak and brett.

soon, gerry myself and tony were away - and tony was catching me. seemed to be not finding my groove to well and tony soon caught me and opened up a gap.

half way point of any cross race is at 45 minutes - tony cracked and flatted around the same time. when he switched bikes, i caught him and he would finish in 3rd.

tough race - more mentally then physically. conditions were bad and it's just a thing of riding through it.

hats off to tony today - think it's the best finish for him in the "a" group to date and he rode really well.

sologoat out


andy johnson said...

Hey Ernesto. Hope you can make it Sunday to the Ohio State Cross Champs. Should be a good course. We'll cheer for ya!

- Andy
(we met at the USGP last year with Mason and Nate)

Solo Goat said...

see you out there - may roll into town the night before..

Anonymous said...

awesome racing with you to ernie! see you at states.