linn run ride

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ah - my favorite climb in the speedgoat area... this week, not much going on other then getting in some training, cleaning up the basement bike mess, some house work and figuring out what i need and don't need (part-wise) to get me through the start of the 2009 season.

first to go was one of my el mariachi's - that was yesterday. other one will be parted out and sold as a frame/fork/stem/headset possibly to go over to a salsa selma build up next year. figured out that the mariachi frames geometry did not work out to well for my fits and that i am used to more race specific geometry.

so - got a 2008 niner emd to replace it as my winter trainer. nice, light, race specific geometry. pics up later this weekend, but bike looks hella stealthy all in black and carbon. thanks to dan the man for frame prep.

that's it - gotta do the work thing.

sologoat out

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