speedgoat one two

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a potential speedgoat one two with ernesto and gerry was formed with a group containing us and paul martin in the very opening of todays cleveland cross race.

that one two finished was sent ablaze when we were skooled by paul martin on the last lap.

course was awesome. lot of twists and turns, three run ups - great for riders like myself and gerry who relish on the techy areas and hope we have the watts to out power riders like paul.

gun went off, we were immediately in a group with the 3 of us. we rode together for all the laps and i had the notion that we would pull off the win as gerry was killing it with the power on the flats and on the re-mounts. he only fumbled once the whole time.

one lap to go, paul made his move and came around me - a minute later he attacked gerry and a gap opened between all us. i washed out soon after and that was that - 3rd overall, 2nd in the class.

great race - had fun duking it out with paul and gerry -

sologoat out

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