6 hour spa city

out at the arkansas 6 hour spa city race course. conditions are a little on the cold side, some sections are a little wet but course is mostly dry.

same course as last year, few new sections, nothing major.

field looks to be a little thin, doesn't look as there is as many riders as there was last year. guess we'll see tomorrow.

pics up sometime late sunday as i forgot my card reader.

gotta run, need to put up the legs and rest up for tomorrow.

sologoat out


Jay Dub said...

I am digging that trailer. Is that tall enough (and long enough?) to put a bike _in_ there? I'm considering something like that.

So, would you recommend it?

Solo Goat said...

sides are something like 18 inches and i got the extender sides on it which doubles up the height to 36 inches - clamshell adds another 12'ish inches or so.

if you remove the front wheel, you can fit the bikes across easily.

otherwise, i have a bunch of plastic shelving units in it to organize everything and then put my two pivots in laying down. plenty of space for everything if you pack it smart and organize everything.

think it ran me about $1600 for the whole deal, about $175 for the hitch and about another 50-60 for the wiring harness.

definetely worth it if you travel with a ton of gear - and the fact that i don't have to pull it with an SUV just saves me a ton of cash.