rest, recovery & frostbike

Red & Black Crow's Foot, originally uploaded by handspunwheels.

resting up after last weeks adventure in tucson & getting ready for the next one in r-kansas.

unpack from one race, fix what needs to be fixed and get packed up for the next. looking forward to once again getting out of the snow.

after that, bikes washed up, packed up again to head out for 2 days of dan the man magic where all my new stuff is setup on the pivots & my i9's are sent off for some new builds. should be a couple of good productive days.

in bike stuff news, quality is hosting their version of interbike called frostbike this weekend and tons of new stuff is out for the speedgoat gang to get their hands on.

lots of new wheel options out there from velocity, stans (and a few others) - even including some with twisted spokes and different color combo options as i know you all like to accessorize as much as i do.

one my favorites to come out at frostbike has to be the all-city single speed cross bike in what looks to be a lime green with deep dish single speed wheels and a SRAM crank. very clean and sharp - lime green with white tips. jim from the shop has been instructed by yours truly to get the full specs and build up, so stay tuned.

with that, gotta roll. any takers that want to unpack my stuff from tucson and wash/tune up my pivot? and get some work done too?

i thought so - go ride.

sologoat out

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