old pueblo - wednesday

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well, i made it to tucson despite mother natures attempt to stop me from getting here.

original flights had me leaving around 2pm'ish on Tuesday with a layover in chicago. that flight cancelled on me around 4pm on monday and 2 hours later i had a new flight booked through denver that would jump me over the weather and get me to tucson 12 hours earlier.

and, as luck would have it too, shipped my bike out through bikeflights.com and it was already there waiting for me to pick it up at around 11am tuesday morning.

funny how things are working out this week. don't like all the running around, but getting an extra riding day in tucson is well worth all the hassle considering the weather back home.

now onto the course - (check out FLICKR for all my pics)

course is mostly flattish, no major climbs but not flat by any means. couple of smaller climbs here and there, but nothing really sustained.

when it gets to single track, overshoot a corner and you are bound to hit some sort of cactus - either a flat or pain will hit you, sometimes both.

course is on state land, but leased by local ranchers - so watch out for those free roaming moo cows that everywhere. just kind of odd to be flying around on the trails and then you see a cow standing in the middle of the trail.

it's also on the long side, just under 16 miles. a little long if it were on the east coast, but the flow and lack of any real major climbs will lead to fast laps times.

gotta run - check the rest of the pics up on flickr.

sologoat out

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Metro said...

Good luck man, enjoy the weather.