old pueblo - thursday

IMG_2534, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

late rain showers yesterday left for a cool breeze today with bright and sunny skies today with temps in the mid 50's.

course soaked up all the rain, so no issues at all due to the water.

very odd course compared to an typical east coast course in that you can probably ride in the big ring for about 75% of the course - but you need to really concentrate.

you need to concentrate on that ditch, that cactus, that short steep climb - you need to flow, flow, flow and be one with course. if not, you may find that a cactus is not the best thing in the world to hug. in an odd way, it sort of reminds me of a cross course with all the turns and the importance of setting for the corners.

in town - the ergon guys and gal, dj, fuzzy, yuri and nat. the race hasn't started and i want to come back next year.

with that, i am out - updates coming to ya via facebook starting tomorrow and possibly during race day.

about a dozen or so pics added today - check flickr.

sologoat out

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