damn thy weather

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ah, mother nature is kicking me in the shins again, but luckily i am heading out of dodge for my first race of the year next week.

racing duo, packing for this one is a little different as normally i take 2 of everything and i sweat over the details of possibly forgetting something. it's actually feeling a little more relaxed knowing that i have a little bit more time for everything including just soaking up the atmosphere, which is normally something i have 0 time for.

one more race after old pueblo, then out to the shop for a few days of bike work fun. new forks, brakes, saddles, stems, posts, drivetrain, shifters, tires, pedals, cables, etc. complete overall.

will maybe top off the whole weekend out there with some pumpkin cookies from the bakery that is across the street from speedgoat. those cookies are so good that i have dreams about them for a week before and actually strategize my ride time to end before they close up shop for the day.

with that thought - time to finish up the packing.

sologoat out

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