0409 update

04082011_ride, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

training continues on with the season coming up fast - first local road racing going down this coming sunday. assuming no horrid weather conditions, i will start. NOT into the whole 9am start thing.

thanks goes out this week to continental and jagwire for sending me out some bike goodies.

next weekend will have me hitting up mohican where i will actually race a short cross country race - something i have not done in years, so it should be interesting to see how the legs turn over at high effort.

SRAM 2x10 upgrade saga has now come to an end - when in doubt, RTFM. threw out the picture install guide, referred to the actual huge mechanic guide and saw that i had the b adjustment on the rear derailleur way out of whack. after that, the stuff actually shifts. imagine that...

with that, gotta roll - long day in the saddle about to commence.

sologoat out

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