michaux mash DNS

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well, got to the venue last friday, did a lap and it was just not for me.

very early on had a stream crossing, something i was not feeling to great about in 25 degree temps. considering the overall layout, i decided to bag it before it even began and went out on a ride with gerry instead. ended up having a pretty cruddy day on the bike, so in the end it didn't seem like too bad of a decision not to race. maybe i should concentrate on getting more then 5 hours sleep a night, would probably do some wonders for the legs.

so, rest and easy rides it was for me this week, along with some pretty "exciting" CPA courses in the 'burgh.

this weekend, bike work and some reading on how to dial in the SRAM 2x10. still being a slight pain to me.

that's it -
sologoat out

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Dave said...

I wasn on the fence about doing this race. Glad I didn't, regarding how cold it was. Had a couple friends do it but I'm happy I made my decision.

Enjoy the rest!