ratl #1

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saturday brought up the first race at the lake local yocal race which was going to be a great way to top off the training before cohutta.

heart rate was not that awesome and it looked like it was going to be a not that great of a day for me as my early ride heart rate was not looking good.

attacks went early, i went with one that looked like it was going to stick - heart rate hit about 192'ish went i made the split. group caught us and the big break that got away rolled off the front immediately after. damn.

few laps later, i jumped hard and got a little group going with 3 others - we would eventually gain 2 more riders (one from behind us, one dropped from the break).

most of us worked, we got within 30'ish seconds of a small two man break that was caught between us and the lead group and that was it.

once again, slow mountain bike legs did not work out too good in the sprint for 12th'ish place, but it was to see i could hold my heart rate at 175+ for over an hour at speed.

that's it - time to enjoy the holiday and get the bike prepped for next weekend.

sologoat out

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