4 hours and a new gutter

4 hours and a new gutter, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

so, my laziness cost me some damage to my sweet gutters - huge storm came and blew them down and tore away my temporary fix. damn.

somehow still managed to get in 4 hours of riding time and a bunch of work.

sweet stuff coming out of summer interbike - oops - i mean sea otter. xt goes to 2x10 with a 38 front big ring and sram also makes some gearing additions as well up front and also adds a 38 tooth option as well. i am guessing that like me, a lot of riders out there have a stash of 9 speed stuff but wanted a lower q-factor crank. with 34 tooth cassettes, it makes it a little more difficult to run the 2x10 and run it in the big ring as much as possible - which is the recommended way to run 2x10. with a 38 up front, the 34 in the back makes this option a good one, especially for a bike geek with 5 9 speed rear derailleurs and cassettes just sitting around.

and for all you riders out there that think a 38 tooth is too small for a front ring, i will give you some words of advice from my father: pedal faster.

sologoat out

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