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things have been hectic as of late, so just a few tidbits of randomness.

randomness #01
last sunday's local training race had good weather, a long breakaway that got caught with two laps to go and a fast elbow filled finish. somehow i managed 7th'ish and ended up with 5 hours on the day.

randomness #02
got into syllamo's revenge today. stoked about that, looking forward to racing in arkansas again.

randomness #03
when a hawk dives at your head while clutching a bloody snake, you have to duck.

randomness #04
to the teenagers i saw in the park yesterday sitting and "minding their own business", yes i can smell weed from 30 feet away.

randomness #05
thanks to jim getting me setup with fizik again, and thanks goes out to ergon, continental, crankbrothers and jagwire for getting me supplies to me in the past few weeks for this year.

that's it - gotta roll. half way through a long training week, feel like i have to sleep, but the urge to ride is a little stronger.

sologoat out

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