2011 Lumberjack 100 - 10th place

2011 Lumberjack 100 - 01, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

10th place at the Lumberjack 100. Here's the down-low on how things went down...

1rst lap started on the road, hella speed into the parking lot bumping elbows into the first section of single track.

Soon, a group of about 20'ish or so of us would form off the front of the field, putting in some serious gaps on the others.

Ripping through the first 33 miles was surreal, we would drop a few, but for the most part we were all riding about 5 feet apart for the first lap.

Through the start/finish, pace shot up as riders got quick feeds. I tried to keep up the pace, but the leaders had a gap I could not close. Time to settle in with another rider who I raced against in Arkansas, Kip.

We ripped up most of the lap together and parted ways up the steep hike a bike section, I would roll into the end of my 2nd lap alone after slowing down a little and going through a little bit of a rough patch as the heat set in. About 4 riders caught me in the start finish... Damn.

Caught them all pretty quick, but Kip got by me and was rolling fast and would eventually finish 9th on the day.

I rolled by myself for the most part, looking forward to the cold Coke and water at the mid-way point at mile 17 on the loop.

Refreshed, I pedaled on, but felt some slight twinges of cramps in arms and legs. Luckily, they stayed away - for the most part.

Closing miles had one rider in front of me that looked like he was a little cooked. I got around him, just in time for the last climb and decided I would jump on the pedals one last time around the switchback starting the last climb.

Out of the corner, stomping on the pedals, and I catch sight of Eddie and another rider in hot pursuit - but I don't think they saw me. Time to stomp a little harder on the pedals. Immediately my legs and arms start to cramp and my lungs scream from the little bit of asthma that hit me around mile 70. Time to suck it up and get over the climb.

At the top, around the last bend of the climb,I glance back - I got a good gap on my chasers that are nowhere in sight.

Would finish up 10th on the day with a time around 7:15. And just to note, that my time would of got me 5th'ish about 3 years ago... you've got to earn your finishes these days enduro freaks. Fields are bigger and faster, and I think the racing is a lot more fun these days with the big fields and top notch racers.

Sologoat out

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