Monday's Topeak 4 pack

Four pack of Topeak products coming at you on a Monday evening...

JoeBlow Mountain Floor Pump


Mountain bike specific floor pump designed to deliver high volume and is built to last. Note the max 75psi capacity and twin head. And don't forget my favorite feature - a nice built in air release button.

Overall great pump that inflates tires quickly and has some features not found on most other brands.

RaceRocket MT

RaceRocket MT_04

Compact aluminum pump weighing in at only 85 grams and can inflate tires up to 90psi. It's small enough to stick in your back jersey pocket, but I actually prefer to run mine with included side bottle cage mount.

Pump has some really nice features like an integrated dust cap to keep dirt from getting into pump head and an extendable hose that hides inside the pump. I have found that the hose actually makes it a little easier and safter to pump up tires as you don't have to put so much force into pumping and you are also not having to brace the valve stem with your other hand to avoid ripping it off. And - don't forget that SmartHead allows for either Presta and Shrader valves.

RaceRocket MT_06

Also, with a max pressure of up to 90psi, it would also give you enough pressure in a road tire to get you home in a pinch.

Light, with a cage mount, presta or schrader and works really well - now you don't have an excuse not to carry a pump.

SmartGauge D2

SmartGauge D2

The 2nd generation digital gauge that reads both presta and schrader valves and runs off of one CR2032 battery.

LCD display reads in psi, Bar or kg/cm.

Reads very quickly and I have found it especially useful when using my older road pumps with pressure gauges that have seen better days. Was quite suprised to see my old pump's gauge was about 10psi low.

Would be a nice accessory to take with you on race day where you may not room to take floor pumps with you - at least you know you will have consistent air pressure if you are as finiky about tire psi as I am.

Pocket Shock DXG


Shock and fork pump that delivers up to 300 psi.

Well built and very sturdy, features include a rotating hose, engage/disengage valve knob with an anti-air loss knob and an air release button. Pretty much all the features you need in shock pump.

Preliminary results are good - pump action is very good and I have seen only minute air loss when removing the pump.

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