next pain train stop, mohican

last tuesday night worlds was interesting as i didn't have to chase down so many guys as i managed to get into a closing lap break with jason and brian and a few others.

good gap with a few laps to go, then shawn a few fast guys powered up to make a solid 10 man'ish group.

power was thrown down, i put down some efforts then was countered, regrouped, re-thunk and then sat back until the last lap.

andy took the first corner at speed, i stuck on his wheel and we had a HUGE gap. that's what she said...

at the next corner it was all but gone, even after pulling at 28mph.

guys popped off, i managed last in the break again - about 7th'ish. still convinced it's my gearing, so watch out when i actually get a 53 ring on....

in other news, mohican is up next, and so is a mention at cycling news HERE!

Mohican 100 2010 198

last year i had a slight mechanical with a broken spoke early in the race which eventually lead to a flat tire right after aid station 5 which eventually lost me probably at least 5-7 spots. they are monkeys i plan to get off my back this year and for some odd reason i am feeling an extra obligation going to go hella hard.

it's ohio, it's a 100 miler, free ohio beer to all finishers. looking forward to the pain.

sologoat out

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great photo.