tuesday night worlds and update


tuesday night, another westlake worlds event went down. heat was high and so was the speed.

paul got a gap with about 15'ish or so other riders - jayson and i tried to close the gap, got real close and the efforts from mohican was just too much to close the gap at 20 feet. jayson got to within about 10 feet and popped as well.

back in the pack, heart rate went down and the gap went up until bob and i decided to pull the entire field back to the break. consistent steady pulls got us to within 5 seconds and then the field decided to finally work with us and pull back the remainder of the gap.

but - as soon as we closed the gap, a few riders snuck away from us.

laps would tick off, we couldn't close. a gap formed on the last lap in the s bend section with shawn pulling hard. i jumped the gap, pulled with him and we distanced ourselves from the main pack and would work with each other to just hold off the main pack at the line for 6th'ish and 7th'ish. nice work at the end to pull something off, but i still think i need to get some new cranks and rings as the 50 tooth big ring is not cutting it at westlake.

next up - big bear 2x12 where i will be teaming up with hella fast ohioian dave walker under the team name of "team liger" as it is pretty much my favorite animal.

and - good luck to all my two wheeled road friends this weekend as well - ohio master road champs and a hella long road race up in michigan this weekend at 128 miles. now, if that was on dirt roads, it would be real fun.

sologoat out

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