angry ernie

texas trail sign
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is my name, 'cause i got 4 freaking flats on my PM ride yesterday. grrrrrrrr...

1rst flat (due to twig trough sidewall) was like "oh well"

2nd (due to bad tube) was "oh sh*t"

3rd (due to a pesky thorn, 20 minutes after flat #1) was "i can't believe this"

4th (due to a second bad tube) was "what the beep beep (few other curse words) and had me so angry that i was ready to punch a tree.

just one of those days..

moots and salsa pics up later - need to catch up on some riding.

sologoat out


SquidBuzz said...

All those flats on the new Schwalbe's?

Anonymous said...

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