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hammer mailer 01.16.08
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on the newest mailer from hammer nutrition. the shot was from big bear last year.

in racing news, interesting to note the change of venue for 2009/2010 24 hour nationals. just happened to be checking out the 24 hour calander and checked out a few links - not sure how set this is as i haven't heard a word about this until today.

temps in the 20's here in ohio, should make for some fun night riding tonight. as i always say, if it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger.

and - bikes back from the painter by the end of the week. should be pretty sweet.

that's it - gotta run.

sologoat out


Jason said...

Think I saw Eddie O' mention that date change for Nationals MTBR.com a couple months ago. Gonna be a hell of a drive!

Off subject - how are you liking the PT Apex as a back up secondary light? I'm prob. gonna run the SB3 on my helmet in 08, but was thinking of the Apex as a secondary. Do the Apex batteries go all night?
Thanks for any feedback.

Chris said...

What's the drive time from Tucson to Las Vegas? I'd bet that's the weekend before Interbike. Ouch. But that's a great time to ride Arizona ...

Solo Goat said...

apex - i change the batteries before every race. use the old ones during the offseason and for training.

drive looks to be about 300 miles. a little shorter if you just stay at the dirt demo venue the days before interbike as you have to drive right by it. might be an option to avoid the hassle of the commute back/fourth.

imacop said...

Ernesto, just received the flyer today and seen your pic..