she has arrived

the moots mootoX has arrived in the house of the 'goat and will be in attendance (when possible) on race days for a back up to my asylums.

parts will be a mix of some old, some new. on the new side, i'll be opting for some new xt shifters and derailleurs. i used to race with xt all the time as for some reason i kept crashing and would bust the rear derailleurs up - cheaper to replace 2 rear xt's then it was to replace 2 xtr's. ouchy.

UCI license just renewed, tentative schedule laid out, and an actual training camp of sorts planned out - things are shaping up already and i am pretty pumped up about the 2008 season.

so, out to the shop this weekend to pick up the red ernie 'achi (el mariachi) winter training bike and to have dan the man work his magic once again on the bikes.

gotta run - bike parts to order.

sologoat out

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