it must be winter

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when you are forced to wear 4 pairs of gloves to avoid frostbite.

tomorrow, ohio is going to get a heat wave in the mid 40's so today is a long roller day as i a recover from the past couple of days long winter rides.

not much to report on, though i did notice that chris e is coming back to defend his title in the 100 miler series. should be an interesting battle for the series win.

in that regards, my schedule is still somewhat open - will be firmed up more in the next few weeks. meeting with wobblenaught guru jim and we're going to hammer out the training schedule for the next 10+ months or so. pretty much every day is scheduled. the only time i don't have anything really set for training is the few weeks after cross nationals and january 1rst of the next year.

gotta ride

sologoat out

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