nice shorts

after several emails about them, here's the info on the shorts.

they are made by a company called endura and the site can be found HERE.

this particular pair was a gift from the 'goat a few years back and i think i used to see a distributor advertise these in dirtrag -- and that's where they were purchased at the time.

looking at the site, i didn't see them listed anywhere - my best guess would be to email endura directly as i don't know if they make them anymore.

if anybody else knows anything more, post some comments to this entry.

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

Not that I know anything more but you can get shorts by enduro from Chain Reaction in the UK


Cheers, Dave

Robert said...

Endura's US distribution is actually in Berea, OH, done by a guy named Chris Kaylor, his phone # is 4402351050. I used to ride for his team. I think he can get some of the UK stuff that wouldn't normally be available in the US.