damn, it's cold

with temps in the single digits and wind chills in the negative single digits, today is looking like a double roller day with some ebay mixed in.

my latest obsession about the weather has me looking at some options as far as gloves and booties/foot warmers goes. looks like one option is a company called hotronix that puts out some high quality ski boot warmers. they have two options, one has a little bit longer run time then the other. higher end one runs in at $200 retail. burn time on the low setting is something crazy like 17'ish hours.

only bad thing is the battery - which is very small, but looks like you would probably have to run on the back of your leg via a velcro strap...

other option - motorcycle gloves and warmers.

this is yet another option - gloves and warmers are resonably priced at around $60 each, but throw in the high end battery at $180 and things start getting expensive in a hurry. nice thing is that battery can be run running a fanny pack - and you could hook up a splitter so you can run the gloves/footbeds off the same battery.

but - you're gonna be all wired up. wires running down your legs and arms, and your out about $450. ouch. suddenly, those $2 heater packs look awesome.

gotta run - rollers are calling my name.

sologoat out

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Paul.e said...

Saw on Cyclingnews.com that Sidi were doing foot warmers.. remote control as well:) but price tag was large...