last ride of 2007

is going down in a few hours as ohio is going to get hammered with snow tonight - the slushy kind that really sucks.

2008 and an entire new season is ahead of us, schedule is laid out and the beginings of my training plans are in place. should be an interesting year for all of us in the states considering that the calander got a litle congested around nationals and everybody will have to pick their poison and decide what race to hit up.

bike setup will most likely not change too much, though i am waiting to hear back from fox and reynolds. fox forks should cut down the weight a little bit, although i will loose the lockout.

2007 ended up finishing a little differently then planned, but here's to a new year. drink one (or a half dozen) for me.

sologoat out

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from your Pit Crew at Holiday Valley!