brent evans cross nationals update

Pic from Thursdays pre-nationals warm up race where Brent got 4th:

Strawberries taste better when you win them!!!

Thanks for all of the love and well wishes

everyone from NE Ohio represented well at Nats - a tribute to our series and local races. sad today that cross is over for 2007 - more on that later.

16 hrs home to Ohio - hoping to miss the storm

Gave it all i had in KS at cross nats -- anyone who finished on Saturday is a God or Goddess-- the conditions were that tough. - Ernie and Shawn, sorry you could not make the trip--Missed you-- but if you weren't already here, Sat the course was nothing you would want to ride if you didn't have too - really!

Pretty thankful i have a family that loves me and would come with me on this crazy adventure... if you have a spouse or friend who would stand out in pits with your bike while the snow and icy conditions blow gale force winds + barely 15 degree temperature, you are truly blessed.

a 4th place and a 26th place and no broken bones... more to come

prediction for Elite Men's race later today _ in this order--- Todd Wells, John Page, Tim Johnson, Ryan Trebon, Adam Craig, Barry Wicks


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