you want me

26moots4sale - 03
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or at least you want my moots.

my 2001 17.5 moots ybb is up for grabs and/or part out as my new moots is on the way...

a 2008 18 inch YBB MootoX (sigh)

most of the parts are older, but two items are of note:
1. avid manesium v brakes - think they only made these a year or two and are hard to find.

2. a genuine george chris king wheelset built up with bontrager ceramic rims, db spokes and alloy nips. bling, bling and more bling.

would consider a trade on the wheelsfor either a new set of kings or a king classic cross wheelset -- as i am thinking of converting them to cross use.

post a reply if interested, check flikr for more pics.


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

how much?
how tall are you?
just asking

Solo Goat said...

for just the frame, 1300.

i am 5'10. ride a 53.5 moots cross, medium in their compact.

complete, i would need to think about it if interested.

part out is coming in a few days.

Arleigh said...

ernesto -

email me. I see that the SID is on ebay. I'll offer 150 with a UPS shipping number.