will race for entry fees

was the theme for the weekend, as on sunday, i got 17th and took home just enough cash to cover the entry fee. sweet.

saturday had me coming out to play on a super fast course in PA, i got relegated to my usual back row and 1 hour later, i finished the race with two chainring bolts as i obviously didn't tighten my ring bolts up good enough after a failed attempt to run a double chain gaurd setup.

success though - i didn't drop a chain either day.

sunday was more of a course for me, not so many straights - and was an enduro rider reunion as harlan, steve schwartz and chris scott all came out to play.

rain held off until the last 15 minutes of my race, after i had already crashed my brains out 3 times. a buddy once told me if i didn't crash at least during a race, i probably wasn't going fast enough -- but two more times on top of that, i was just getting knocked silly.

so, no UCI points this year - a couple of close ones, though my chase for points was more of a two year gig in the back of my mind.

with that, one race this coming weekend, then off to nationals.

sologoat out

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Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

good luck at nationals ernie!